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Cedar Rapids, IA

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I learned that coding isn’t that hard at all. All you have to do is focus.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Anne Marie’ subtitle=’Xavier High School Student’ link=” linktext=”]
Writing code is very different than I thought it was; I thought it was math formulas.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Lizzy’ subtitle=’Xavier High School Student’ link=” linktext=”]
Why don’t more schools have coding, and why don’t many people know about it?
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Ben’ subtitle=’Xavier High School Student’ link=” linktext=”]
Coding is really cool, and I want to look into it.
[av_testimonial_single src=” name=’Morgan’ subtitle=’Xavier High School Student’ link=” linktext=”]
This is actually cool and fun!

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In order to make technology a priority in their school, Xavier High School hosted the Hour of Code, gained licensure to become a Microsoft Information Technology Academy and Certiport Testing Center, and implemented student certification as Microsoft Office Specialists (MOS). To spark student interest in computer science and programming, Xavier hosted The Hour of Code, which is a one week event designed to demystify and provide any students with an introduction to coding and computer science. Through the Microsoft IT Academy, Certiport Testing Center, and technology courses, students can become Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and MOS Master certified. To further promote their STEM initiatives and expand student interest, Xavier has also partnered with Kirkwood Community College to offer a dual credit course in coding.

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How it Works

Xavier High School ignited students’ interest in computer programming endeavors by holding an Hour of Code, where students were taught the basics of coding through a one-week event. To bring student interest to the next level, Xavier has restructured its courses and curricula to offer training in technology through its Microsoft Information Technology (IT) Academy.

Each student completes two semesters of course work containing Microsoft Official Academic Courseware (MOAC) and lesson plans and uses GMetrix software for additional formal training and guided practice. Students who then successfully pass training tests through the school’s Certiport Testing Center are eligible to become MOS certified. By industry standards these students are considered proficient in the usage of Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. Students enrolled in the Independent Study course may reach the expert level, earning the distinction of being a MOS Master.

Students also have the opportunity to earn dual credit through Kirkwood Community College by taking computer programming courses.

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Xavier High School’s vision is to create a STEM environment providing students with both curricular and extracurricular experiences in the world of STEM innovation through gauging students’ interests in computer science and programming.

Xavier aims to infuse technology throughout its curriculum and continue structuring course offerings to focus on student technological training to better prepare students with 21st century skills they will need working for community partners or in any field or occupation.

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Population Targeted

All students at Xavier High School are invited to take part in the technological training at Xavier.

Local businesses and non-profit organizations needing to employ students who can make a positive impact by employing their technological skills.

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Customer Discovery

Through their community partners at Dave Wright  Nissan-Subaru and Intermec Foundation, students receive opportunities for employment, utilizing their MOS skills to make a positive impact on the community. By implementing a Microsoft IT Academy along with becoming a Certiport Testing Center, the Xavier team intends to provide for our customers either part-time or full-time employees with industry standard skill sets that would best serve the needs of their companies.

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Key Partners

Xavier School Adminstrators/ Marketing Director

Kirkwood Community College

Microsoft IT Academy


Intermec Foundation – John Schuster

Dave Wright Nissan Subaru

Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council

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Successes to Date

Technological Training and Certification

As the result of its faculty’s efforts, Xavier High School was granted the privilege of becoming a Microsoft IT Academy, which has allowed them to teach high school students advanced technological skills using Microsoft Official Academic Courseware (MOAC) and lesson plans. Additionally, Xavier has become a Certiport Testing Center,  and obtained a license for GMetrix software.

Offering Courses in Technology

Xavier has infused IT Academy lessons into their Computer Applications curriculum to better prepare students for MOS certification. Xavier has also partnered with Kirkwood Community College to offer a computer programming course for dual credit. Students also receive dual credit for taking Intermediate Computer Business Applications.

Facilitating MOS Certification for Students

Through a course in the Business Department, students can obtain Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification. Students may also obtain a Microsoft Office Specialist Office (MOS) Master certification through an offered independent study. Xavier received 500 student and 10 instructor certification vouchers as a result of a grant from the Iowa STEM Council

Of 18 students interested, all have earned their Microsoft Word MOS certification; currently, 15 students are enrolled and most have already earned their Excel MOS certification.

Partnership with the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council

Through a partnership with the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council, Xavier High School has been able to provide numerous benefits in regard to training and resources provided in their attempt to successfully their STEM initiative.

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Sustainability Plan


Continued funding through the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council will be crucial for sustaining the initiative and providing certification vouchers. GMetrix software site license renewal will also require continued funding through the school.

Community Support

Xavier High school plans to connect with additional community partners that would be willing to employ their students who become Microsoft Office Specialists and Masters.


To assist in the expansion of the initiative, parents and students will need to share the unique opportunity with others in the Xavier community. Xavier’s Marketing Director could also assist with publicity as students become Microsoft Office Specialists.

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