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Williamsburg, IA

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Williamsburg students worked together to design and build an outdoor classroom at their school. The classroom is energy efficient and includes a green energy lab, where students can explore ways to make their community more Earth-friendly.

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Students have collaborate to design and build a multi-functional outdoor space that teachers and students can use for lunch, relaxation, study time, or classroom space.  Williamsburg Junior/Senior High School did not have an outdoor area where students can congregate.  By providing such an area, students could not only provide the school with an alternative gathering area but also provide staff with an additional class meeting option. In addition to the outdoor opportunities provided, the area also addresses energy issues such as alternative energy sources (solar) while providing STEM opportunities for staff and students alike.

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Increase Students’ Entrepreneurial Skills

The goal of this project is to create a multifunctional space which can be utilized by students and teachers alike. The classroom is energy efficient, and promotes projects to increase green energy in the school and the Williamsburg community.

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All teachers and students at Williamsburg Junior/Senior High School can utilize and benefit from the outdoor classroom.

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Students obtained extensive feedback from teachers and students at Williamsburg High School to learn what features were most desirable. They incorporated this information in the design of the classroom in order to make it functional and accessible to the entire school. Through their customer discovery process, the student team were able to tailor their project to meet the specific needs of the Williamsburg Junior/Senior High School community.

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Joe Greathouse, Kirkwood Community College

Newkirk Electric

Kinze Manufacturing


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Designed and Built an Outdoor Classroom

Students successfully teamed together to design and build an outdoor classroom in their school. By providing an outdoor space for socializing and instruction, this team has created a multifunctional space that benefits teachers and students alike.
Developed Various STEM Skills

The project is potentially so diverse in its nature it could provide an endless array of possibilities for student learning.  These could include but not be limited to:


  • marketing and sales while soliciting partners


  • construction/assembling
  • design of classroom area
  • design of seating/tables


  • solar study
  • energy use/savings
  • wind energy study


  • formulas for solar panels
  • amount of energy provided/saved
  • data analysis

Horticulture/Plant Science:

  • water runoff
  • landscape design

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