Manson Northwest Webster High School

Manson, IA

Water Conservation Project

Manson Northwest Webster students are examining and creating proactive measures to increase the longevity of Manson’s water supply through a cross-disciplinary project. About 5 years ago, the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) directed Manson to begin searching for a new water source, and Mason’s location on top of a crater impact structure has complicated this search. Manson has unsuccessfully drilled 4 wells and spent $1.8 million dollars to find a new water source, in part because of the impact structure. Through several different STEM courses offered at Manson Northwest Webster, students are learning more about the crater to make informed decisions on how the community can be proactive in protecting Manson’s water supply. Students are also finding ways to educate the community on the measures that can be taken to conserve the water supply.