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Davenport, IA

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We love hearing from teachers, students, administrators, community partners; anyone that has had a great experience with STEM Innovator.  See examples on the home page.


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Davenport West High School students have completed various projects in a wide range of disciplines, including business, automotive, welding, science, and engineering. These projects promote the health and wellbeing of DavenportWest High School and its students. The focus of their projects is to increase school pride among all students and teachers by improving the look and the feel of West High School. They designed and constructed a new fence for the school  parking lot, created an academic hall of honor, established a Leadership Day, rennovated school courtyards, improved the efficiency of the school blood drive, designed buddy benches, and built a disc golf course.

One of the most noteworthy student projects is Endotherm- a life-saving product developed for infants. The endotherm team created a bracelet which monitors an infant’s body temperature and alerts parents if the child’s temperature gets too high. This product is aimed at preventing infant death due to being left in a hot vehicle.

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Davenport West High School students collaborate in teams to complete projects of their own design. With the help of various community partners, students have successfully created and implemented many projects to increase the aesthetic appeal of their school environment and inspire a sense of school pride.

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Increase student collaboration across disciplines

Students with different interests work together in teams to design projects, implement strategies, and accomplish goals.

Increase school spirit

All projects at Davenport West High School are aimed at increasing school spirit. Students renovated many school structures and created areas designated for student interaction. By augmenting the school’s aesthetic appeal and creating more space for students to interact, Davenport West High School students have instilled a greater sense of school spirit among faculty and students.

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Students, staff, and faculty of Davenport West High School, students from local elementary schools, and all high school students in the Davenport area are the targeted populations for student projects.

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For the calendar project, students collected feedback from business that were featured in the calendar. They plan to use this feedback in their design of next year’s calendar.

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Wilson Elementary School

AAAA driving school

Circle Tap

Michael J Tangen

Rubber Monkey Tattoo and Piercing

Moments of Class

Wildlife Forever Taxidermy

Bowlmor Lanes

Get Whipped Unlimited

O’Tool Designs Custom Tattoos

Safelite Auto Glass

Full Tilt Riders

Vocational Automotive Class

T&R Tree Service

Vocational Welding Class

Dale’s Automotive

Principal Financial Group

Hanssen Electric

Eastern Iowa Tire

Hausmann Trucking

DuTrac Credit Union

Eastern Iowa Recyclers

ESTES Construction

Blue Grass Barber Shop

Choice Automotive

Brian Geerts

Davenport Electric Contract Company (DECCO)

Rana Bolinger

Printing Plus

Core Health Care

Wilson Elementary

P&R Masonary,

STEM Students

Dave & Sam’s Auto Repair


Emeis Auto

Kimberly BMW

Perfectly Post

Gravert’s ATA

Gravert’s Auto

Native Woods


Ditmer’s Service

Convict Customz,

Babe’s Radiator

Roof Depot

Sport Truck Specialities


Treiber, and Karsten (Future Falcon)

Wapsi Education Center


Riefe’s Family Restaurant

Sandals Salon

Karla and Mike Fraser

Eastern Iowa Tire

Family Salon

Neat Stuff

China 2008


Rudy’s Tacos


Allard Custom Jewelers

Bi-State Masonry

Star Nails


Fannie Mae and DuTrac Community Credit Union

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  • Implementing Leadership Day. Team members worked with school administrators and community partners to design and host several leadership conferences for students throughout Davenport. They successfully raised over six hundred dollars to implement the events, and inspired hundreds of students to become leaders in their community.
  • Creating a more aesthetically pleasing school environment. Team members successfully created and implemented several projects to make their school a more beautiful and functional environment. Their projects include the renovation of the school courtyard and the school fence, and the installation of a Wall of Academics.
  • Increasing connection among students. Team members designed and built Buddy Benches and distributed them to four elementary schools in the Davenport area. These benches create a space for students to socialize with each other. Team members are also working on installing a disc golf course on the Davenport West campus, which will provide recreational space for all students.
  • Providing winter clothing and food to those in need. By designing and selling calendars to raise funds, students purchased and distributed winter clothing and food baskets to community members in need
  • Increasing efficiency of the school blood drives. Students completely revitalized the blood drive registration process at Davenport West’s four annual blood drives. They created an electronic system for donor registration, set up registration booths, and designed and implemented a school-wide marketing campaign.

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